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Jewniversity: Hillel's Early Move-In Program



Looking for a unique opportunity to get connected to life at Drexel before the rush of classes begin?  Want to build relationships with new and returning students?  Interested in learning about Jewish life at Drexel while exploring campus and Philadelphia?  JEWNIVERSITY IS FOR YOU!

SEPTEMBER 8-10, 2016


What is Jewniversity?
Jewniversity is an early move-in program for all incoming students offered by Hillel and coordinated by student facilitators (Jewniversity staff). Jewniversity Staff are hand-picked upper-class students that staff the Jewniversity activities and guide the incoming students as peer mentors. Jewniversity involves two days of activities prior to general move-in, optional programming during New Student Days and a special New Student Days Shabbat dinner at the end of the week.

Why participate in Jewniversity?
This program is a great way for incoming students to meet upperclassman and other incoming students before the academic year begins. Incoming students also get better acquainted with the Drexel University campus, the city of Philadelphia and college life, in general.  It is an opportunity to get involved in community service projects, learn about Jewish life on campus, explore Philadelphia and more! As an added bonus, Jewniversity allows for incoming students to move into the residence halls early!

Who is Jewniversity for?
Everyone! It doesn’t matter if you are an incoming first-year student or a transfer student. Hillel will offer fun activities for everyone regardless of your Jewish background or interests. All meals will be provided by Hillel, under kashrut supervision. All Drexel University incoming students are welcome to participate in the program, regardless of their religion or background. 

What does Jewniversity include?
Jewniversity begins with assistance moving in on Thursday and includes programming for students and their families through dinner Thursday night.  Jewniversity continues with a full day of programming (all meals included) on Friday and a half day of programming on Saturday. The Jewniversity registration fee includes all early move-in registration costs, all meals and program costs during Jewniversity.  Participants in Jewniversity are required, by the University, to attend all aspects of the program.

How do I register for Jewniversity?

Fill out the registration form on this page and mail your payment of $150 payable to Drexel Hillel to: c/o Drexel Hillel 101 N 33rd St, Philadelphia PA 19104, or use the online form below. Within 24 hours of registration and payment, you'll receive an email from Drexel Hillel with more detailed information! 

How do I pay for Jewniversity?
Participants may pay online at our secure form here. To mail a check,  make checks payable to Drexel Hillel to: c/o Drexel Hillel 101 N 33rd St, Philadelphia PA 19104.  For payment questions or  arrange for financial assistance, please contact Rabbi Isabel. The program fee is $150 per student if registered before August 1. After August 1, the program fee increases to $175.

Additional Questions?
Do you have any additional questions about Jewniversity? Call the Hillel office at 215-895-2531 or email Assistant Director, Arielle Greenwald.